Unwavering Strength

My unwavering admiration for the U.S. military stems from a profound recognition of its role as the strongest force in the world, safeguarding our nation’s freedoms and security. Preserving this strength is not only a strategic imperative but a duty we owe to future generations. To this end, I am a fervent advocate for increased investment in research and engineering, ensuring that our military remains at the forefront of technological advancements. By continuously enhancing our military capabilities, we reinforce our position as a global leader, securing the liberties we hold dear.

Equally crucial is the commitment to supporting our veterans—a community of individuals whose dedication and sacrifice are unparalleled. I firmly believe in providing veterans with the necessary resources for education and training, empowering them to seamlessly transition into high-quality jobs upon their return.

My Commitment to our Military

Recognizing veterans as invaluable assets, I am committed to facilitating their integration into the civilian workforce, where their unique skills and experiences contribute significantly to building a qualified workforce in our area.

Education and training are pivotal components of this transition process, and I advocate for comprehensive support services that cater to the specific needs of returning warriors. By prioritizing access to education, training, and career services, we can ensure that veterans not only reintegrate successfully into civilian life but also thrive in their chosen careers. This commitment not only honors their service but leverages their expertise to fortify our local workforce, fostering a community that values and supports those who have served our nation with distinction.

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