Important Issues

My Fundamental Principles

As Utah’s population continues to rise, the significance of the challenges we encounter becomes increasingly pronounced. My unwavering commitment is to make well informed decisions that factor in both empirical data and the bedrock of my personal values. Presented below is an expanded insight into these core values, which profoundly influence my approach to addressing the pressing issues brought about by our state’s growing population.

In this dynamic landscape shaped by demographic shifts, my foremost dedication is to ensure that our choices are guided by a thoughtful blend of data-driven insights and the principles that define me. The challenges we face require a multifaceted approach that respects both evidence based analysis and the deeply held beliefs that serve as the compass for our decision making process. Delve into the following section for a comprehensive exploration of the values that not only guide my commitment but also reflect the interests and aspirations of our community.


I support the autonomy of parents in making decisions about their children’s education…READ MORE »

Government Spending

It is imperative that our government adheres to the principles of sound financial management…READ MORE »


I advocate for a health system that enhances transparency, choice, and cost effectiveness for all AmericansREAD MORE »

Public Lands

I hold a deep commitment to the responsible management of public lands.READ MORE »


Preserving this strength is not only a strategic imperative but a duty we owe to future generations.READ MORE »

2nd Ammendment

The right to bear arms stands as a fundamental pillar of our shared heritage.READ MORE »

Food Tax

The impact of high food prices on the pocketbooks of our citizens.READ MORE »

Clean Air

The quality of our air is as vital as the landscapes that define our great state.READ MORE »

Pro Life

The sanctity of life stands as a cornerstone, and for me, this conviction extends to the unborn.READ MORE »

Ignacio Valdez for
Utah House District 10

Proven Leadership and Dedication

My extensive experience in community leadership, coupled with a commitment to transparent and principled governance, establishes me as a highly trustworthy candidate for the House of Representatives. Through roles such as the Director of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce and receiving esteemed awards like the Freedom Fighter Award, I have consistently demonstrated dedication and reliability in serving our community. Engaging in open conversations on The Nacho Show podcast and championing conservative perspectives on education reflect my commitment to transparent discourse and informed decision-making. As a representative, I pledge to uphold the trust you place in me, ensuring that your concerns and values remain at the forefront of my legislative efforts.

A Trusted Advocate for Our Community

As a dedicated advocate for our community, I firmly believe in the value of open and transparent communication. My commitment to maintaining trust is unwavering, as I pledge both my integrity and principles to serve as a reliable representative for our district. Clear, honest, and open dialogue between me and my constituents is a cornerstone of my approach. I understand the importance of transparency in fostering a strong and enduring connection with the community. By upholding these values, I aim to ensure that your concerns are heard, your voices resonate in the decisions I make, and the trust you place in me remains well-founded. Together, we can build a relationship based on openness and collaboration, laying the foundation for a stronger and more responsive representation for our community.

Embarking on this campaign journey with the motto “Let’s Work Together, It’s All About Citizenship,” I aim to encapsulate the very essence of unity, belonging, and shared responsibility that defines our community. “Let’s Work Together” isn’t just a slogan; it’s a call to action, recognizing the profound desire for connection and collaboration within our community. By fostering a collective spirit, we can navigate challenges and amplify our successes, working towards a shared vision of prosperity.

The second part of the motto, “It’s All About Citizenship,” serves as a poignant reminder of our shared identity as American citizens. It emphasizes the duty we have to contribute to the well-being of our great state and our nation. This extends beyond mere participation; it encompasses the full spectrum of civic responsibilities that come with the privileges of citizenship. Together, as engaged and responsible citizens, we can ensure that Utah remains a beacon of prosperity and happiness for all its residents.

I am deeply convinced that by working together and embracing our roles as responsible citizens, we can chart a course for a future that is not only bright but also reflective of the values that make Utah exceptional. Let’s forge this path collectively, keeping in mind that our collaborative efforts are pivotal in preserving and enhancing the greatness of our beloved state. Your partnership in this endeavor is not just welcomed; it is vital for our shared success. Let’s work together; after all, it’s all about citizenship.


It's all about Citizenship!