Will be able to articulate his constituents concerns and needs clearly in the House Floor


Embodies a steadfast dedication to upholding traditional values, promoting fiscal responsibility, and safeguarding individual liberties.


Will prioritize the interests of his constituents over personal or party gains and make decisions based on what is best for the district accordingly.
Right On
The Issues

Ignacio Valdez is the ideal candidate for House of Representatives District 10, offering a fresh perspective and forward-thinking solutions to the pressing issues facing our world today. With a deep understanding of the challenges we face, Valdez brings a unique blend of experience and innovation to the table. His unwavering commitment to addressing the urgent matters that impact our communities is commendable.


With a proven track record of business acumen and community engagement, Valdez envisions policies that stimulate job growth, bolster small businesses, and enhance infrastructure. His commitment to fiscal responsibility and forward-thinking solutions makes him the ideal choice to represent our district in the House of Representatives.


As a staunch advocate for constitutional principles, Ignacio Valdez embodies the essence of American values. He has consistently demonstrated unwavering support for individual liberties, Second Amendment rights, and limited government intervention.


Ignacio Valdez emerges as a fervent protector of liberty, embodying the fundamental tenets of conservatism. His unyielding dedication to individual freedoms and the concept of minimal government intervention underscores his advocacy for policies that empower people to carve their own paths and chase their ambitions.

"We should be participants, not merely bystanders, in the processes of democracy to preserve us as a nation."

James E Faust


Economic Development

I believe in limited government intervention in the economy. I advocate for lower taxes, reduced regulations, and a free-market approach to stimulate economic growth, job creation, and prosperity for all.


I support school choice, believing that parents should have the freedom to choose the best education for their children, whether it’s public, private, or homeschooling. I also emphasize local control over curriculum decisions.

Government Spending

I advocate for fiscal responsibility and limited government spending. I believe in reducing government waste and prioritizing essential services to avoid burdening future generations with unsustainable debt.

2nd Amendment

I strongly support the Second Amendment and an individual’s right to bear arms. I believe that responsible gun ownership is a fundamental right and essential for self-defense and the protection of liberty.


I prefer market-driven solutions for healthcare, promoting competition among insurance providers and reducing government involvement. I advocate for individual choice and competition will lead to better healthcare outcomes.


I prioritize a strong and well-funded military to protect national security interests at home and abroad. I believe in a robust defense budget and a proactive approach to safeguarding American interests.


  • Ryan Woods
  • Alena Ericksen
  • Cari Bartholomew
  • Mark R. Shepherd
  • Brooke Stephens
"I fully support Ignacio Valdez! I have personally witnessed his passion and dedication in grassroots efforts in the Conservative Politics side of things. He is always ready to help and shows up to even the smallest events. He has the courage to speak up when others won’t. I’m a gay Conservative advocate and he’s never treated me with anything but kindness and respect: He knows we’re all Americans together. As a Latino, Ignacio has a great perspective on sensitive issues and offers insight and wisdom. His patriotism is unquestionably solid. He boldly stands up for America. His strong and compassionate attitude is just what America needs to stop the dangerous woke indoctrination that’s infecting Utah. I proudly endorse Ignacio Valdez for Utah House District 10″Ryan Woods
Conservative Activist / Influencer
I am so happy to endorse Ignacio for House of Representatives district 10. As an immigrant, he has come to America to live the dream and understands the depth of the privilege it is to be here. Ignacio has been continuous in his pursuit to understand local issues and make an impact. Ignacio will work well with others in office and understands the principles that would promote liberty. He would be an incredible voice for his constituents as well as our state.”Alena Ericksen
"I’d like to give my emphatic endorsement of Ignacio Valdez. Our state and our country need diverse voices who are loyal to and love American values. Who recognize what a gift it is to live in this country of opportunities. I believe Ignacio will be an excellent representative of those who want to preserve America’s sovereignty and lift the people in his community, who wish to rise. Nacho is a humble self made man, not another elitist looking to increase his coffers. He sees the real threats facing our country and our state. It’s people like him who deeply appreciate the opportunity America offers rather than those who cling to grievances and entitlements who will help take our state to a better place."Cari Bartholomew
"It is a privilege for me to endorse Ignacio Valdez for District 10’s Representative. I can honestly say that I do not know a stronger Republican in Utah. Ignacio is active in the party, is a team player and yet doesn’t fear speaking his mind and standing up for what he believes. I spend most of my time at the capitol during the legislative session, working with Legislators to accomplish the goals of the various organizations I represent, and I have come to know those who are there to cast a vote and those that are there to get things done. Ignacio will go to the Legislature and get things done."Mark R. Shepherd
Clearfield City Mayor
"I endorse Ignacio Isaac Valdez for House District 10 because he is a fierce patriot and fighter for American values who isn't afraid to stand up for truth.  He has the talent, intelligence and eloquence to get his point across persuasively to make things happen."
Brooke Stephens
Utah Parents United